Pure Hoosier Photography

Pure Hoosier Photography has a very simple underlying purpose – to capture the beautiful things about life in Indiana that are too easy to miss in today’s chaotic world.

WWatermarkhether you see my pictures here on my web site, on Flickr or in any one of the various publications they have turned up in, that is the reason for almost everything I shoot.

There are moments of beauty in the sea of routine that surrounds us every day and I hate to let them go to waste.

I make my living doing other things, but I do sell images and shoot frequently for publications promoting Allen County and northeast Indiana. You can see my images turn up quite frequently in Fort Wayne Monthly Magazine. I also do a lot of photography for organizations that I enjoy and support, primarily photographing their events and fundraisers.

Where Have I Been Published?

I have shot a few weddings, but I specialize in event photography and stock photography. If you are looking for imagery of Fort Wayne, Allen County and northeast Indiana, there is no need to look elsewhere. Pure Hoosier Photography has it or can get it quickly and affordably.

I have been taking pictures since I was a kid, first with my parents’ pocket cameras and then on my own cameras. I am a longtime Canon user, starting with a 35mm AE-1 and working up to what I use today, a Canon 70D. I also operate a Autel Robotics X-Star Premium drone and hold an FAA Part 107 Commercial Drone Operator’s license.

My photography training comes mostly from education and experience I gained from having been a newspaper journalist for 10 years. I worked at several newspapers in Indiana where you were expected to take your own pictures whenever possible.

My journalism experience has heavily influenced my style. I am somewhat of a photographic purist.  I tend to look for people, circumstances, weather and light that create that image I want naturally. My images do not get edited much. What you see in my pictures is what I saw.

I have always had the same style and the same eye for the unique sights that surround us here in Indiana– and now it has a name, Pure Hoosier Photography.